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A la venta: 15/05/2021 a las 10:00 a.m.

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24h of Innovation will arrive in Seoul for the first time in history!

Acerca de este evento

What is a 24h?

Creativity and Innovation

Created in 2007, “24h of Innovation” is an event based on creativity and innovation in 24 hours.

The main objective is to experience something extraordinary to create synergies between the different participants : companies, students, teachers, consultants, researchers…

Mixed Teams

The teams are composed of a mix of students coming from different schools and universities from Korea and around the world, as well as professionals, consultants, freelancers, employees... and artists. Each team will have 24 hours to work on the subject they freely chose.

Products and Services

The main objective is to create new creative and innovative concepts, products and services (software, artistic creation, communication and marketing campaign, new organization...) based upon themes and subjects proposed by companies, laboratories and creators that are kept secret until the opening ceremony.

Experience of the team

  • 700 Projects Developed
  • 200 Universities and Schools
  • 20.000 participants from 40 countries
  • 270 various companies and laboratories
  • 59 editions organized in 4 continents


Submit a Challenge

For companies, start-up creators, laboratories, entrepreneurs, inventors, associations, NGOs... Contact us to submit your project for free and it will be made public during the 24h ! We count on your presence !

In a team

Students, creatives, innovators, to participate as a team member... Register online to participate on the hackathon and be immersed in the creative atmosphere of the 24h.


For companies, institutions, organizations wishing to be part of this event by proposing a financial endowment, services or provide prizes, thanks for contacting us to imagine together all the possible modalities for a partnership for this new season.

See you all in the 60th edition of 24H of Innovation!

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