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In this autumn join Hack ARIADNA 2020 - EU Project

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CIT-UPC, Y4PT and other partners co-organize Hack ARIADNA 2020 (Awareness Raising & capacity building Increasing Adoption of EGNSS in urban mobility Applications and services, Galileo Project,


The impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is being felt across the globe. This unfolding situation is affecting not only the health of individuals, but also the operation of organisations across many sectors, cohesion of communities, serious financial disruption, and many knock-on implications yet to manifest.

It is a serious and frightening time, and we are seeing a wide range of responses to the threat, showcasing the best and worst of humanity.

Space data offers huge potential to support the fight against such new health-threatening viruses as COVID-19. GSA is calling for solutions that are expected to help public authorities to monitor and analyse such emergency situations, to increase awareness amongst citizens about viruses like COVID-19, and help the world improve public transport and a healthy mobility.

It is a worldwide fight, on one side, to limit the negative loss of our communities, but is also an occasion to reshape our Societies, to figure out a different way of leaving together finally in harmony with Nature.

We are committed to fight this worldwide battle all together!


It is meant to facilitate access, promote and train in the use of the European satellite navigation system, Galileo. The target audience are stakeholders for whom urban mobility and public transport is an essential factor.

Developed by the European Union, Galileo is a satellite geolocation system similar to the United States’ GPS, Russia’s Glonass or China’s Beidou.

With Galileo, the European Union aims to ensure its strategic independence in this highly strategic area, improve its market share in the geolocation sector, and expand its high value-added services.

In 2019, a billion smart phones were already using Galileo. New vehicles that are launched on the market incorporate the European system EGNSS. However, even though its use is common in our daily life, Galileo continues to be little known among city councils, public transport authorities and operators, companies and individuals.

Transport of goods and people is one of the sectors in which Galileo offers the greatest number of possibilities, both for economic stakeholders who are involved in the sector (urban transport operators, industrial suppliers and public transport providers) and for final users. The greater accuracy of Galileo compared to other geolocation systems makes it more competitive. Greater accuracy also enables new transport services to be developed that meet current market needs and existing services to be optimised, making them more flexible and efficient. Therefore, Galileo opens new application opportunities in areas such as fleet management (buses, trains, trams, etc.), traffic management, mobility applications, communication between vehicles and road safety, among others.

ARIADNA is led by an international consortium, coordinated by the Spanish company Factual Consulting, and four other partners in three European countries. In addition to CIT UPC, the other participants are the Union Internationale des Transports Publics (UITP), Pildo Consulting and Auxilia. The project will last 24 months and will end in November 2021.

EGNSS has the potential to enhance the quality of public transportation by reducing operational costs, and reducing negative externalities, while fostering the development of a wide range of new shared mobility services.

Our lives are now depending majorly on immediacy. From our everyday commute to work to the next-minute delivery on our preferred e-commerce platform, we are not good at waiting-in-line. And this has been mostly backed up by fast but robust technology breakthroughs enabling commercial aviation, satellite navigation and intelligent software.

ARIADNA could help strongly to settle multimodal fast commutes inside and around urban areas.


Through a fully remote, agile, global contest designing solutions and developing innovative applications that will help the world find better new mobility solutions through the use of EGNSS;

Deliberately utilising, training in and exploring the best aspects of remote collaboration. Transforming every disadvantage into an opportunity to learn, grow, connect, solve and inspire.

Lead by: our experienced, global Y4PT Team and ARIADNA Consortium's partners contributing support and action across different time zones.

Participants: any individual can participate, collaborating to develop & deploy fast new responses in real time.

The Timeframe - 15th of September/15th of October - launch of the Call and Selection of Participants, (we are calling preferably for already advanced ideas or real projects) 15th of October/15th of November - An active 4 weeks mentorship with checkpoints at the end of each week, in preparation to -

The Final November 17th/19th! The Final will take place virtually during the Barcelona Smart Mobility Congress 17-19 November - The exact slot of time will be given you in due date.

Winners will be entitled to different kind of prizes, and one selected person from the winning team will participate to the Y4PT Global Hack COVID19 Reshaping Societies - Melbourne 2021.


We are searching for ways to inform and make users aware about Galileo, and we want them to use it daily or more often.

We are calling you to have solutions on the following:

Let’s make Public Transport attractive again (post COVID-19):

Ensuring social distancing, and in consequence user safety, by: o

Queue/Crowd management at bus/metro stations, in the city centre, streets…proposing routes and modes of transport.

Fleet management systems/models.

Determine average load on vehicles.

Flatten the demand curve.

Increase resiliency (on-demand bus pre-book, or complement PT at peak times, also with taxis or other shared mobility services)

More Sustainable and healthy mobility:

Reduce emissions, promote healthy and sustainable ways of mobility, improve the quality of life of the people living in urban areas.

Exploring ways to count cyclists (allocate them to specific lanes and directions of ride).

Bonus on bike usage.

Calculation of time (and money) saved if people chose cycling/shared e-scooters over cars, and indicate the closest share cycling/e-scooter service.

Public e-bike and e-scooter sharing services: usage monitoring (O/Ds, riding behaviours, etc).

Bus O/D matrices.

Submissions will be assessed using the following criteria:

We are expecting already existing new solutions and/or the creation of MVPs or Prototypes with innovative ideas taking into account the above main topics.

No limits to your creativity!


Register at: .

Participants can be Individuals of any age, Groups or Teams of people, Youth of any age, Young Professionals, Robotics Experts, Tech individuals, Companies, who will demonstrate their commitment, creativity, or enthusiasm for sustainability in their application. Are you one of those innovative and creative companies with a great ability to get the most out of limited resources? Then the call is for you! Your specific call for Start Ups is available at this link: Even a simple app that would encourage the citizens to adapt more easily to the changed conditions can mean the world to somebody, not to mention the role that the healthy mobility tech start -ups play amid these predicaments. There are so many ways to participate and make a difference so show us how YOU are a champion reshaping our Societies in a sustainable way. Submissions will be reviewed by Y4PT and ARIADNA Partners and assessed relative to creativity, value and potential for immediate or fast sustainability and replication.

There are so many ways to participate and make a difference so show us how YOU are a champion reshaping our Societies in a sustainable way.

Submissions will be reviewed by Y4PT  and ARIADNA Partners and assessed relative to creativity, value and potential for immediate or fast sustainability and replication.


As mentioned above, the event previews

a first phase of subscription September 2020/October 2020

Mid October 2020 a selection of the possible participants to the Mentoring event will be made by Y4PT.

From end of October 2020, tailor made encounters with Y4PT Mentors will take place to merge people together, discuss, implement, redirect and narrow the ideas, prototypes and skills of participants. Winners will be announced during the Final 17/19th of November 2020 and entitled to participate to the Y4PT International Hack 2021 that will take place in Melbourne, Australia December 2021.



CIT UPC is the Technology Center of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech, one of the leading technology universities in southern Europe in the fields of engineering, architecture and sciences. CIT UPC puts the knowledge and research capacity of more than 200 UPC technology transfer centers at the service of innovation in companies.

As a technology partner, we help to build business competitiveness through the generation, development and application of high quality technological knowledge. We provide companies with comprehensive technology solutions and multidisciplinary support to meet their needs and challenges.


For over 15 years, Y4PT has been bringing together young minds and industry experts in hacks and other events worldwide to collaborate in investigating and solving problems that face us all. We have a growing community of over 40 countries, and double that number of Y4PT Young Ambassadors. Each year we have generated 30/40 local Labs and Hacks, with more than 3 projects per event developed by local Authorities and stakeholders. Yearly global hacks since 2017, each with over 60 participants, have exponentially augmented the perspectives of these projects and collaborations.

To date, we have reached more than 10,000 young people – a proactive, creative, talented and committed worldwide community.


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